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Research Methods

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36 hours course on applied multivariate research methods held at the Piacenza site of the Catholic University.

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I corrected all your exams, although some of them were barely sufficient, all of them got a positive note (accepted).

The file of Diana Franco Mendez was not readable. Diana, do you have a copy of your examination you can send me? Otherwise you will have to repeat the exam.

All of you should come and register your positive result on Monday 17th June 2013 at 10:00 in the Lab L. You must have the leaflet (statino) already printed.

Those of you who cannot be personally present at the registration should authorize (delega) one of your classmate to sign for you. If you don’t know how the authorization works ask one of your Italian classmates or the administration of your Master. Be sure you take the leaflet (statino) also of the person your register for.

Course Material


This material will be update after every lesson, so get back on this page and be sure to click on update page in your browser.

01. Review of matrix algebra and descriptive statistics. Slides.
02. Review of descriptive statistics (end) and probability. Slides.
03. Review of multivariate probability and Introduction to SPSS. Slides. SPSS we did.
04. Review of statistical inference. Slides. SPSS we did.
05. T tests on two means, ANOVA and ChiSquare test of independence. Slides. SPSS we did.
06. Linear and logistic regression. Chi2 test of independence. Slides.
07. Correlation and linear regression (part 1) with SPSS. SPSS we did.
08. Linear regression, outliers and collinearity. SPSS we did.
09. Exercise on regression diagnostics, some logistic regression. SPSS we did.
10. Logistic regression + exercises.SPSS we did.
11. Exercises (see below).
12. Informal exam. Text. Data.


01. Text. Data.
02. Text. Data.
03. Text. Data.

April-May class final assignment: docx pdf



The course is rather applied in nature, but the topics are covered in books such as
Warner, R.M. (2008) Applied Statistics. From Bivariate Through Multivariate Techniques. Sage.
Meyers, Gamst, Guarino (2006) Applied Multivariate Research. Design and Interpretation. Sage.

The software used is SPSS.
Here are some links to SPSS tutorials: L1, L2, L3, L4
Here is an open-source SPSS clone called PSPP, (but rather inferior: no graphs, many procedures missing).
Here is the link to the R-project. R is a powerful open-source computing and graphing language with many statistical procedures implemented.



If we are given the computer lab, the exam is an exercise on SPSS and you have to answer questions by pasting SPSS outputs in a Word document and by commenting them in the same document.

If we are not given the computer lab, I provide questions and SPSS outputs on paper and you answer on paper as well.

Correction of exam 03.02.2012.

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