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The attention of statisticians towards the instruments for the evaluation of services for the society has been widely increased during the past years. This phenomenon has been mostly due to the request of both the productive system and the public institutions of techniques that are suitable for evaluating the efficacy, efficiency and quality of services, with respect to not only the customer satisfaction but also to the impact of the evaluation on the innovation of these services.

The Conference INNOVAZIONE E SOCIETÀ 2013. Metodi statistici per la valutazione dei servizi (IES2013), fifth edition of the two-years event of the Permanent Group "Statistica per la Valutazione e Qualità nei Servizi" of the Italian Statistical Society (SIS) aims at both targets: providing approaches and statistical methodologies for the evaluation of services that are currently used in different contests of the society, and participating to the discussion on the consequences of service innovation by including different actors of economics and social policies. For this reason, the Conference is open to the participation and to the discussion with researchers, experts and responsibles of the development policies dealing the links between evaluation, innovation and society.


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